Technical Writing for Small Businesses

I am very good at making complex or controversial subjects clear and easy to understand.

When people understand something, they are more likely to agree with it. When people are clear how something works, clear what it costs, clear how it meets their needs, they are more likely to buy it.

My writing reduces controversy and confusion.

Examples of My Writing

  • Designed processes, decreasing training time from 3-4 months down to 2 days on key steps for fulfilling customer orders. Eliminated bottleneck to increasing customer base, while saving company minimum $500,000/year in payroll expenses.
  • A Nuclear Reactor That Consumes Nuclear Waste? No Loss of Coolant Accidents?; industry leaders using for communicating to business leaders and US Congress.
  • Transcribed & edited business coaching program, produced training materials: business growth, leadership, effective meetings, marketing and sales, cultural change, conflict resolution.
  • Developed reporting system showing management which client service issues to focus on, and service improvements. Used in renegotiating multi-million dollar contract.
  • Running an Excellent Help Desk: Technical Problem Solvers Improving Business
  • Edited manual for 4-month training program for producing transformational workshop, used by ~50 groups nation-wide.
  • Developed procedures (Raiser's Edge) so clear that temporary staff could process donations accurately. Freed staff to fund-raise. Reduced contact management/cleanup expense.
  • Redesigned training and processes for audio production, eliminating operation mistakes so events sounded great. Managed teams for workshop production.
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