Color Matching Style Sheet

Easily match colors for your web site

Finding colors that looked great together, and with your page background, used to be a chore. You would have to either hire an artist who really understood color theory, and how to choose colors that would look great together; or find colors through trying many combinations until one looked 'good enough'.

I was committed to having text that was always legible, with colors that always looked great, throughout my site, no matter what background I picked. I was determined to find a way that would be easy for me and for you to use, so our attention would be on writing great information, not on how to present it.

Free web sites will calculate the perfect complimentary and harmonious colors to go with a color you pick. They use scientific color theory to get the perfect colors for you! Here are the two I use:

Have the computer generate a style sheet

Once you have colors that look great, you would normally have to type the codes for your colors throughout your web page. A big improvement would be using Style Sheets: you say in one place how you want each kind of paragraph to look.

But even with style sheets, you have to manually change the colors throughout the style sheet, and on a complex web site, the style sheet can be long. The style sheet for this site is over 950 lines! What if you want to adjust the colors you picked? You might, for example, decide that the perfect green would suit your purposes better than the perfect blue—both look great, but which fits the mood of your site better?

Have the computer do the work! There are ways to specify a value in one place, and have the computer use that value every place it is needed. You make color changes at the top of the style sheet, and your web server uses that color throughout your entire web site.

The start for me was finding an article on how to use variables in style sheets, that also showed how to adjust contrast for colors—when you darken your background color, you need to lighten the foreground color for text to remain easy to read. CSS Colors: Take Control Using PHP was the start of my realizing having great-looking sites made easy.

I have gone far past that article, making a full style sheet generator. It does all the work, except picking which of the great color combinations best fits the mood and purpose of your site!

Style Sheet Generator for Your Sites

Contact me to include the Lerner Consulting Style Sheet Generator with your web sites. It is simple to install, and easy to use (much easier than manually trying to get matching colors, and change them every place in your site).

You can add your own styles, for special purposes. I have styles for ad pages, menus, and Amazon Products Feed, included with your purchase.

You will also get the Style Sheet Preference utility (the Styles section of the menus on this site), so your visitor's get their favorite of your styles effortlessly.

Only $39.95, and not available anywhere else!

Simply use the email address below in PayPal, and I'll email you the program (CGI script, tested on Apache servers, should run fine on other web servers that have CGI), plus two PHP style sheet generators to see how to put it all together.

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