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Sales Training

There is a format, a structure to sales conversations. In every sales conversation, in any industry, you can learn the phases of commitment and emotion that people always go through, when the sales conversation goes well, and they buy. You can apply this sales process to your business, what ever business you are in.

This sales process works whenever you are selling a service that is special in any way; whenever there is any value added to your product (you aren't selling an undifferentiated commodity). The same sales process can be used talking to any person who might be curious about what you offer; and when you talk to them, if you follow this sales process, whether they buy or not, they will be satisfied talking with you. And, they will buy more often than not.

Training in an Effective Sales Process

I train individuals and groups in selling effectively, and then coach you so the fears, concerns, doubts, struggles that stop so many people from selling, are taken care of, and you find yourself in conversations with people, easily, effectively; and as you talk to more people, your sense of what it's like to be selling becomes so easy and fulfilling you realize you've been having sales conversations with people like you've always wanted, and you notice that people seem to like buying from you.

Coaching in Selling

When I coach you, I produce you having what you want. My job is to take care of whatever is in the way of you having what you want: emotions, beliefs, habits, unconscious behaviors. (It is rarely "I need new skills", if you have been working on getting something for more than a few weeks or months.) What about your communication has you not getting and applying those skills? How are you not as effective as you want to be in selling, even with whatever (formal or informal) sales training you've had, communication skills you've developed over the years, and "getting good talking to people" you have worked on so much?

I can even coach you so you:

  • Talk to people, even though you had fears about talking to people;
  • Sell effectively and easily to the people who would be your best customers;
  • Spend less time than your colleagues or competitors, to close most of your sales, dramatically reducing the sales cycle;
  • Waste less of your time, and be freed up to have more sales conversations;
  • Find out quickly what people want, and whether you and they are a good match;
  • Know exactly what is most important to your customers. You will be much more able to provide it, and;
  • You will make more money, with less work selling and less work fullfilling your sales.

What Would Selling Better Look Like For You?

What do you want in your sales conversations?

How would you want most of your sales conversations to go?

How would you measure the next higher level of sales effectiveness?

What would this mean for you and your business?

What's Next so We Work Together?

Let's talk, about what you might want in sales, and explore what as we work together you would like to accomplish. Contact Me.

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