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Meeting Facilitation for Highly Productive Meetings

All companies have rules for how to run meetings, such as publishing the agenda in advance, arriving on time, staying on topic. Your company has probably posted these on the wall in the meeting rooms.

Have you noticed that these rules don't make meetings more effective? (Have you been in any meetings lately? Then you know!)

As a business coach, one of the most common ways I make rapid improvements in companies, is in the effectiveness of all their meetings. I training managers to run meetings, so that every meeting produces results, people making commitments, and plans that move projects forward. Every one of them.

Imagine for a moment what your department or company would be like if :

  • In every meeting, people were much more often telling the truth about what is going on, what needs to be done, what they expect from each other;
  • In every meeting, people took risks, said the important things, spoke up when something was needed that would affect a project;
  • In every meeting, people listened, attentively and actively, heard what each other was saying and was able to hear even what they disagreed with or what was delivered in a way they didn't like. Heard what could be useful or valid in what each other was saying;
  • In every meeting, people focused on the topic at hand, stayed on topic instead of bringing in past problems and mistakes, or other topics when this topic gets uncomfortable;
  • In every meeting, the group left the meeting ready to act!

Contact me about what you want to produce, and I will facilitate some meetings for you.

For most companies having meetings run this well would lead to breakthroughs in what was accomplished.