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March 2016 - Slow or Hacked site, for example on GoDaddy? I will set up your WordPress site with excellent security, on a host with good speed and superb technical support. Then I will keep it working and healthy, checking each month for possible improvements.

Feb 2016 - WordPress site not displaying well on tablets or phones? I'll make it display well in a modern, responsive, secure theme. See

June 2015 - Took hacked WordPress site, quarantined it, set up account-level security, reinstalled WordPress and all plugins, brought in all pages and images, got WooCommerce working.

May 2015 - Fixed several WordPress sites that had died due to plugin errors. Installed administrator-only diagnostic tools for repairing the site faster in the future. I know how to get broken sites working and keep them working.

April 2015 - Evaluated WordPress theme design platforms, for making reliable responsive themes quickly. Also selected page designers for making those few special pages different than your sites theme. As a web site troubleshooter, I know how to pick tools that are going to keep your site working well.

Feb 2015 - Looking for next website development and technical writing project, for small businesses. My Résumé and Contact me.

May 2014 - WordPress problems? I have installed troubleshooting aids on Apache & IIS servers, to find PHP errors in plugins & themes, configuration problems, missing files.

Sept 2013 - Website security is essential. Have your web server inform your site administrator what hacker attacks are being blocked, and be able to easily unblock any specific pages that were incorrectly blocked. I can set that up for you, Apache or IIS servers.

Feb 2013 - Finished setting up the Mountain Valley Center web site, and teaching the owner how to easily write web pages. Easier to make professional-quality web pages than what most books and products teach. Easy to customize, to add more features, to make mobile sites.

May 2012 - Migrating blogs into WordPress Multi-Site? I can bring All your page and widget settings into Multi-Site, saving you having to redo your blog (most consultants just bring the text and comments, no contact forms, SEO settings, custom headers, image settings).

May 2012 - WordPress Multi-Site on IIS? Yes, it works, and I can help you get it working successfully. Strong security and good troubleshooting.

Mar 2012 - How can we eliminate using coal and oil, while having the energy we need? How can we eliminate generating long-term nuclear waste (and use existing waste instead of burying it)? Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, and What is a LFTR and How Can A Reactor Be So Safe (Kindle) let you in on how we can do it.

10Dec2010 - I can develop complex web forms for you. They send information to a spreadsheet or database file, and can automatically post to WordPress. Excellent for storing web-based research results, posting product details, or real estate listings. Secure against spammer tricks.

6June2010 - WordPress 3 multiple-site features are wonderful, yet need very specific configuration, and most web host technical support people don't know how. I can take them step-by-step through getting multi-site to work. Contact Me

23June2009 - Transcribing service, for workshops or seminars. What communicated well in person, will be adjusted to be clear and powerful in text. Whether you want to offer your students a transcript so they learn more deeply, or are wanting to write your book and know you speak better than you write, having transcripts of your best work will make it so much better.