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Special Marketing eBook Collection and Autoresponder Deal from Lerner Consulting

Learn from top marketers — marketing, writing effective sales pages, using autoresponders effectively!

Whether you are just beginning to market eBooks, or you have been an internet marketer for years, you will find powerful ways of improving your marketing efforts in this collection of eBooks on marketing effectively via the Internet.

Learn exactly what these experts did, to write powerful courses, make them available through email autoresponders, market them to thousands of people, and make thousands of sales.

How can automatic responders help Your online business?

Autoresponders take out all the manual work required to follow up with prospects and customers.

Top Internet marketers are adding autoresponder courses to their list of marketing tactics because they work.

Internet marketers are realizing that by giving the potential customer value upfront through an autoresponder course, the potential customer is more likely to purchase their product or service from you rather than from a competitor. This eBook collection will teach you how to write a course that people are hungry for, and market it effectively.

If you do not have your own product or service, you can still use autoresponder courses to effectively promote affiliate programs. You can resell the books in this package, to start your Internet Marketing business Now.

Many marketers will tell you that your prospects must hear from you numerous times before they actually buy. In fact, here are some statistics about the importance of following up from the Association of Professional Salesmen and the National Sales Executive Association:

2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
10% of sales are made on the 4th contact

80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact

Question: How many times do Your prospects hear from You?

Without an automated autoresponder script, you are dropping the ball. You can spend hours, days and months designing the perfect website. You can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your ad campaign. But, if you donít do your follow up, kiss it all good-bye! If you want to change the environment of the Internet and set yourself apart from others, itís really very simple.

The price of this Marketing eBook Package, including the autoresponder script, is only $19.95.

Here is what you receive:

1. Autoresponder Unlimited CGI Script

Autoresponder Unlimited Autoresponder Unlimited is the number one choice of web site owners who want to take control of their online operations.

The script has the same power features of the other expensive autoresponder services. But my price is the difference. Big savings means more money in your pocket every month. Save as much as $200.00 to $1,000.00 a year.


  • No Monthly Fees - Pay Only Once then Own it for Life.
  • Use on Unlimited Number of Domains.
  • Send Unlimited Number of Follow-up Emails.
  • Works for Unlimited number of subscribers, in as many subscriber lists as you want.
  • Fully automated, will work for you 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
  • Automatically wraps words at 65 characters per line, so your emails look good.
  • Full Customization - can send emails with your customers' actual names.
  • Customized "Thank You" page for each mailing list.
  • All follow-up emails can have an attachment - up to 2MB.
  • Your subscribers can automatically Unsubscribe using a link sent in every email message.
  • Power Checking to prevent Duplicate email addresses.
  • Very easy to use Admin Control Panel, where you set up your follow-up emails in a matter of minutes.
  • Super easy to Export and Import Email Addresses.
  • Subscription Box is automatically generated for you. Just paste it into your web site.
  • You will receive a report every time a follow-up is sent to your subscribers. You will always know what your autoresponder is doing for you.
  • Try the DEMO version and find out about the quality and many functions of the Autoresponder Unlimited Script.

Resale Rights Order now and receive MASTER Resell Rights so you can sell the Autoresponder Unlimited Script and keep 100% $$$ of the profits! You'll even get a copy of this sales page which you can easily customize!

When you order from Lerner Consulting, you get:

  • Scripts that work (I customized Autoresponder Unlimited to generate HTML that follows standards to work on any browser);
  • Instructions for configuring the scripts and copying files that make sense;
  • My email address if you have questions;
  • Packages organized so you can tell what you got! (you wouldn't believe the mess some packages come in);
  • Sales pages you can easily customize (check the source of this page, no hard-to-edit HTML here!) that display well on any web browser;
  • Customized version of the popular FormMail script that calls your autoresponder, so you can use even complex forms to add names and emails to your autoresponder list. (This is unique to Lerner Consulting.)
  • Exactly what you expected.

2. Autoresponder Secrets EXPOSED

Autoresponder Secrets Exposed "How To Quickly and Easily Cut Your Workload By 67% (or more) While Converting more Visitors into Sales!"

Learn how to:

  • Create an autoresponder course
  • Make MORE money with your FREE course
  • Make your list Grow!
  • Write killer ads and place them in e-zines.


  • Do your emails work?
  • How to track your ads' effectiveness
  • How to use autoresponders to automate your web site.

$17.95 value (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, download free reader Download Adobe Acrobat Reader). more about Autoresponder Secrets EXPOSED

3. Automatic Gold Mine Ebook

Automatic Gold Mine

Learn to automate your sales process while you sleep!

Beating the competition just got easier... building relationships is the secret to online success. Learning how to create those relationships with autoresponder courses is the key.

Learn how to:

  • find a product or a service to sell
  • design your autoresponder course
  • set up your course
  • follow up
  • advertise your autoresponder course
  • charge for your autoresponder course

Resale Rights$29 value (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) more about Automatic Gold Mine

4. Million Dollar Emails

Million Dollar Emails Million Dollar Emails is the Greatest Collection of Moneymaking Emails Ever. It covers everything about marketing by email — from how to collect email addresses to sending the emails out. Learn email marketing and strategy from this amazing 215 page report! Together the emails covered in this eBook have generated far more than $1,000,000 — and you get to learn the techniques of the Best marketers on the Internet.

Resale Rights

$34.95 value (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) more about Million Dollar Emails

5. Seven Hidden Psychological Secrets to Maximum Sales

Secrets to Maximum Sales

Just imagine what it would be like if you had the power to write a few words and motivate, influence or persuade anyone to do anything you wanted? Inside this special report, you'll find the little known secret triggers for getting people to say "Yes" and open their wallets.

  • Discover a seldom used copy writing technique that holds readers and listeners spellbound.
  • Learn how to convince even skeptical readers to believe in your product or service.
  • Discover how to drive your customers crazy with curiosity, with this seldom used psychological trigger.

Resale Rights $27 value (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

6. Greatest Autoresponder Courses

Greatest Autoresponder Courses How would you like to get your hands on some of the best autoresponder courses written by marketing masters such as Joe Vitale, Marc Goldman, Ken Evoy and others?

By reading proven examples, writing a great autoresponder course not only becomes easier to learn, write and duplicate, you have a greater chance of driving in more profits!

Order this collection of eBooks and get this incredible collection of autoresponder courses in one volume, so that you can read the tactics that these gurus use in their courses to turn a simple reader into a satisfied customer.

  • Read autoresponder courses written by top Internet marketers and incorporate their strategies into your own autoresponder courses.
  • Discover how these top marketers persuade prospects to become eager customers.

Resale Rights Special bonus (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

7. Autoresponder Magic

Autoresponder Magic Collection of winning Autoresponder messages to put your web site on autopilot!

Here's a little bit of what you will learn how to do:

  • Convert trial users to paying customers.
  • Write multi-part training courses that force people to reach for their credit cards.
  • Persuade hesitant prospects to become ecstatic buyers.
  • Write special reports that ring up sales.
  • And lots moreÖ in +500 slides.
Resale Rights

$34.95 value (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) more about Autoresponder Magic

8. The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle

30-Minute Marketing Miracle "REVEALED! The Incredible Secrets Of A Rebel Australian Copywriter Who Turns 'Do-Nothing' Ads Into Money-Making Machines In Less Than 30 Minutes!"

(and scares other so-called 'marketing gurus' half to death!)

This is the stuff you were never meant to see. The closely-guarded secrets that 9 out of 10 copy writers donít even know.

Discover how to get thousands of dollars worth of killer money-making advice for just cents on the dollar.

Resale Rights

$27 value (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) more about The 30-minutes Marketing Miracle

9. Profit Pulling Reports

Profit Pulling Reports "How To Earn Thousands Monthly With Your Own *Exclusive* Free Reports"

Discover the same techniques used by the "gurus" to promote:

  • Your favorite affiliate program,
  • Your existing products,
  • Your reprint rights and virtually anything you want!

An easy-to-follow, 15-step system for writing your own free report from start to finish! You'll learn very specific, very precise information on everything from how to write the very first sentence of your free report, all the way to finalizing the very last paragraph, including 8 ready-made opening sentences that will immediately get readers interested in your content.

Resale Rights more about Profit Pulling Reports

$19.95 value (Compiled eBook, requires Windows to run)

Buying this package will help Propel your online business to GREATER SUCCESS

I encourage you to order right now and take the first step to turning your online business onto autopilot.


YES! Please send me the entire eBook package plus Autoresponder Unlimited Script. I understand that if I am not satisfied, I can request a full refund within 90 days.

Note: one eBook is Windows-only, all the other are PDF format and can be used on almost any computer. The Autoresponder script runs in CGI on Linux/Unix servers.

Only $19.95 USD

Use your credit card or PayPal

Purchase with Credit Card through ClickBank

GUARANTEE: If the eBooks and Autoresponder are not everything that I say they are and if you are not completely satisfied with them, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

p.s. Also remember, if you want to automate your business, you have to use autoresponders. I've made it as easy as I possibly can. There's just NO reason not to order now. Don't let yourself miss out on this incredible offer.

Seconds after your payment you will be redirected to the download page where you can get the eBooks and script ...

I would recommend you to start with "The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle". Start from page 44. I promise, you Will want to read this book more than once!

The chapter on page 44 is called "The 7 Secrets Of Money-Making Advertising" and the information provided in this one chapter is worth far more than the $19.95 you're paying for this autoresponder package.

Then I would recommend you to read "Automatic Gold Mine" a masterpiece on the subject of autoresponders.

I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Here's To Your Success,
George Lerner

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