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Client Service and Technical Support

I work with client service or technical support departments in small- to mid-size businesses, who need to eliminate recurring client service issues and dramatically improve their client's experience of their products and services.

At one company, I showed which groups of people were having the most problems, what the top problems were, and how the time to fix those problems had changed over the past weeks. Since clients were frustrated not knowing what had been taken care of, we trained people how to communicate what they fixed, so the clients were satisfied the problems were fixed right. I was so good at satisfying frustrated or even angry people, those people were frequently transferred to me. The improved service performance helped save the company from losing a $multi-million/year contract.

For another company I was able to redesign the steps for complex sales bids. Clients received more informative quotes, so they knew exactly what they would be receiving. The company was able to handle about three times the number of bids with the same people. I also managed the accounts through order delivery and installation, ensuring everything was completed how the client expected. This led to the company being able to expand into a new line of business, offered to a larger client base, that almost doubled revenue and more than doubled gross profits.

Please contact me about what you want to improve in your client service or technical support.

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