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I’m a powerful leader trained in communicating in ways that positively impact an organization’s results. I am an expert at having people and organizations go from stopped or ineffective or overwhelmed, to being clear and taking effective actions in a profitable direction.

I am committed to improving customer service management, workshop production, and business process design, especially in the business consulting, health and fitness, personal finance, personal development, and environmental industries.

I speak effectively to customers and large groups, and leave employees empowered to serve customers and fulfilled in their work.

I listen deeply for ways of empowering leadership: generating breakthroughs in communication, changing business dynamics that don't work, adjusting the corporate culture so people work well together.

I deliver trainings and presentations, that improve business processes, and generate superb customer service.

I produce video trainings where I record your computer screen, showing and explaining what to do and why. I can also edit recordings of people in your company using the software (one who is an expert and who is a novice fumbling through the steps), to make clear processes that include the errors people have made, and how to correct from errors. I clarify business processes so people can hear what to do and what is expected, and follow the process.

I am excellent at web site development for marketing (I wrote or customized all parts of this web site, including HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL). I am highly skilled in a wide range of software, including WordPress, DreamWeaver, Remedy, SalesForce, and Raiser’s Edge, plus common office software such as Word, Excel, Access.

I have extensive workshop production experience, including training presenters, planning and managing workshop logistics, operating sound as a full partner with presenters, preparation of materials, and course leader support.

I am committed to improving the companies I work with.

I offer to come talk with you about how I would benefit your organization. I invite you to contact me now so we can begin.

George Lerner, President
Lerner Consulting Inc.

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