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Private Investors Needed

Real Estate Investing,
Short Term 3-6 months

To fund initial purchase of real estate, I need private investors.

I provide knowledge and expertise to select properties and negotiate purchase, manage any rehab getting done, locate home buyers and help them qualify for loans.

You provide needed cash.

$100,000 to $500,000 Needed
2-4 Deals a Month

Professional real estate investor purchasing foreclosed (bank-owned) or pre-foreclosure property at large discount from current After Repair Value. Prefer median priced homes, in select areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Some will require only cosmetic improvements, some may require up to $50,000 rehab.

Will sell to home buyers (who have probably been turned down for conventional financing) at prices usually around 30% below current market prices to sell quickly.

With some properties, will offer partial seller financing so home buyers can more easily qualify for a bank loan.

Will be able to sell each property quickly, and still have sufficient profit on Every property to pay investor above average returns. One investor per property, to quarantee investment payback.

If you have money sitting in an IRA or other investment account, or have access to funds, I can get you better returns than most investments. Fully backed by first lien on quality real estate.

To find out rates of return, quarantees, and specific investment criteria, call
George at Lerner Consulting, lernerconsult@gmail.com
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