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WordPress security and ongoing maintenance.

I keep your web site working well. Web site technical support. Web site security, to keep your site safe from hackers. Social media and Internet marketing. Business coaching so what was confusing or overwhelming gets done; I help small business leaders produce the results they need, no matter what's actually been happening.

I have worked with web site security, web site troubleshooting, product/project management, computer programming, technical support, technical writing, workshop production, audio/visual production, customer service, and technical sales.

Website Development and Security

George Lerner, photo © Yia Vang
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I keep WordPress sites running without errors. I keep WordPress security up to date, at the shared hosting level (and recommend hosting companies that are good at security at the server and hosting level). I teach people common security practices, including good passwords.

I eliminate WordPress or PHP problems, keep sites running. I troubleshoot problems quickly, keeping sites running. Monthy maintenance and security reviews.

I evaluate performance improvements, in speed and in marketing. I improve how search engines and social media see your site.

I set up the foundation for small business web sites, so you can write web pages in the simplest way possible. The easy way is easy to maintain; looks good on any browser; is "standards compliant"; doesn't require any special web site development software (you can use almost any good software, my favorite is WordPress); looks good at whatever text size visitors prefer; interacts with social media sites well; can include whatever "widgets" you want.

I have converted several old websites from table-based, pixel-based layouts (for example, sites made with FrontPage) into modern web sites with the layout controlled by style sheets, able to adjust automatically to different screen sizes.

I can also set up WordPress for companies, with Multi-Site and the ability to map domain names. I have migrated stand-alone WordPress blogs into Multi-Site with all settings intact (so the blog looks exactly like before), or migrated non-WordPress web sites into WordPress.

Hosting account setup, .htaccess security, secure connections for login and updates.

Business Coaching

I work with small business leaders, replacing beliefs, habits and plans that don't work so they experience clarity while growing their business.

I create powerful strategies, enhance leadership skills, establish effective collaboration, teach effective sales. You will also have dramatic increases in the effectiveness of all your meetings.

I consult small businesses and private practices on removing bottlenecks in tasks, to increase ease of doing business and increase profits.

I write business processes that increase the company's effectiveness and performance. People will have clarity performing all the daily or occasional tasks of their job, and know how to avoid and correct from mistakes.

I interview your top performers to discover best practices, and implement the business culture changes and technical improvements needed to have your business run smoothly. You will have fewer steps that don't benefit your clients, and spend less time training new people.

I resolve the hidden cultural and mindset issues that prevent people working in ways they know they should, despite their best efforts; put in place behavior that makes sense, to accomplish what you want as an organization.

Personal Coaching

I coach professional people in communication, relationship, and power. I provide people with access to new fundamental beliefs, that support them having what they want. This is reality-changing (but I can usually and almost certainly make these changes in your reality without you going crazy).

I work with people to generate the ongoing incomes they desire, no matter how many workshops, books, seminars haven't worked. I work with people to develop other-than-conscious rules, so they can implement the changes they want. Then, if needed, I can provide detailed instructions on real estate investing, website development, Internet marketing, and eBook publishing.

I coach people in discovering and communicating what they offer, that is unique, highly valuable, in great demand, to market and sell their most valuable knowledge or services.

I work with people who need to buy or sell residential real estate in the Las Vegas, NV; San Francisco Bay Area, CA; and Phoenix, AZ areas. Private investors, who want a larger return than they get in the up-and-down stock market, guaranteed by real estate, please contact me.

WordPress Maintenance and Security

I keep your site running smoothly and safe from hackers. You build your business, no messing with technical things. I'll work with technical support (you'll love giving that to me). Consistent monthly amount no matter how much needs to be done.

Self-Financed a Real Estate Sale? Want cash now instead of monthly payments?

I have access to people wanting to buy your mortgage notes.

Website Design and Training

The easy way to write and maintain professional-quality web sites.

Internet Marketing, SEO

Have your site be found by your clients or customers. When people mention your web site, on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, your chosen text/image will be shown.

Technical Writing

Clear writing about technical, controversial, or mis-understood topics

Business Process Writing

Eliminate Bottlenecks, have people working well together, teamwork

Business and Personal Coaching

I get you clear about what you want to produce, leading well, with a workable plan, taking great care of your customers/clients

Sales Training

A sales process that is easy, stress-free, satisfying. If they are or aren't wanting what you offer, you'll know it quickly. Works great for highly complex sales involving many decision makers.

Help Desk Reporting

Improve your help desk by measuring the right parts of technical support. Make better business decisions.

Improve Client Service

Whether technical support or for a non-technical field, I can train managers and support people so people are served better, with fewer ongoing problems, less frustration or burn-out among staff, and less expense. I can even have help desks be revenue generators.

Facing Foreclosure?

I may be able to help you keep your house, or not have foreclosure affecting your credit for years.

Want Secure Investment at Higher Rates?

Private Investors Needed, investment backed by 1st mortgage on good houses in decent neighborhoods.


March 2016 - Slow or Hacked site, for example on GoDaddy? I will set up your WordPress site with excellent security, on a host with good speed and superb technical support. Then I will keep it working and healthy, checking each month for possible improvements.

Feb 2016 - WordPress site not displaying well on tablets or phones? I'll make it display well in a modern, responsive, secure theme. See

June 2015 - Took hacked WordPress site, quarantined it, set up account-level security, reinstalled WordPress and all plugins, brought in all pages and images, got WooCommerce working.

May 2015 - Fixed several WordPress sites that had died due to plugin errors. Installed administrator-only diagnostic tools for repairing the site faster in the future. I know how to get broken sites working and keep them working.

April 2015 - Evaluated WordPress theme design platforms, for making reliable responsive themes quickly. Also selected page designers for making those few special pages different than your sites theme. As a web site troubleshooter, I know how to pick tools that are going to keep your site working well.

Feb 2015 - Looking for next website development and technical writing project, for small businesses. My Résumé and Contact me.

May 2014 - WordPress problems? I have installed troubleshooting aids on Apache & IIS servers, to find PHP errors in plugins & themes, configuration problems, missing files.

Sept 2013 - Website security is essential. Have your web server inform your site administrator what hacker attacks are being blocked, and be able to easily unblock any specific pages that were incorrectly blocked. I can set that up for you, Apache or IIS servers.

Feb 2013 - Finished setting up the Mountain Valley Center web site, and teaching the owner how to easily write web pages. Easier to make professional-quality web pages than what most books and products teach. Easy to customize, to add more features, to make mobile sites.

May 2012 - Migrating blogs into WordPress Multi-Site? I can bring All your page and widget settings into Multi-Site, saving you having to redo your blog (most consultants just bring the text and comments, no contact forms, SEO settings, custom headers, image settings).

May 2012 - WordPress Multi-Site on IIS? Yes, it works, and I can help you get it working successfully. Strong security and good troubleshooting.

Mar 2012 - How can we eliminate using coal and oil, while having the energy we need? How can we eliminate generating long-term nuclear waste (and use existing waste instead of burying it)? Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, and What is a LFTR and How Can A Reactor Be So Safe (Kindle) let you in on how we can do it.

10Dec2010 - I can develop complex web forms for you. They send information to a spreadsheet or database file, and can automatically post to WordPress. Excellent for storing web-based research results, posting product details, or real estate listings. Secure against spammer tricks.

6June2010 - WordPress 3 multiple-site features are wonderful, yet need very specific configuration, and most web host technical support people don't know how. I can take them step-by-step through getting multi-site to work. Contact Me

23June2009 - Transcribing service, for workshops or seminars. What communicated well in person, will be adjusted to be clear and powerful in text. Whether you want to offer your students a transcript so they learn more deeply, or are wanting to write your book and know you speak better than you write, having transcripts of your best work will make it so much better.

SiteGround WordPress hosting

Get Business Tips

I will be publishing articles on business coaching, increasing sales, increasing customer retention, real estate investing, Internet marketing. You will learn distinctions and practical techniques you can use in your business and your life.

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